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Rails expert

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Rails expert


You’ll be responsible for the server-side of Unifyo. You’ll need to keep the code running smoothly and scaling as we add users, as well as adding new sources of data in the form of API integrations. You’ll need to think up smart algorithms to match and select data, and straightforward ways to store and retrieve it. You’ll work with the front-end team to work out what data they need and in what format and ship it to them.


You’ll need:

A couple of years Rails experience, or some Ruby experience and a couple of years in a similar framework.

Experience in connecting to and using APIs.

An understanding of scaling modern websites across multiple machines.


Nice to haves:

Experience in keeping a web application running.

Experience with NoSQL, KV-stores, and/or message queues.

Experience in Javascript development a bonus. Experience working in a start-up environment.

Experience with writing automated tests and keeping code quality high.

It would be great if you have experience in any of the following

areas: automated testing, databases, APIs, machine learning, searching large data sets, scaling web applications (none of these are


You’ll need to work closely with the rest of the team, and prioritise your tasks. You’ll sometimes need to help write, review or support code outside your core area; on other days, you’ll need to crack on with implementing things on your own.


If you have github, stackexchange, hacker news or other social accounts, we encourage you to send us links.


About Unifyo

Unifyo is building clever technology that helps people focus on being productive. Our flagship product Unifyo is helping successful businesses to stay on top of their ever growing number of customer and contact relationships. Instead of them having all data scattered across multiple applications and having to trawl through all these apps, Unifyo provides a revolutionary way of bringing complete customer profiles into any application, without any extra integration work. Less time spent on searching, more time spent on business.


Our technology

Unifyo’s flagship product is written mostly in Javascript, running on a Ruby on Rails backend. Because our data is largely relational, we use a MySQL database. We also talk to a large variety of APIs, including Google, Twitter, Salesforce and Highrise, and use ETL and data mining techniques to gain insights and unify data. We aren’t afraid of legacy technologies either, including IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. We run our software in the cloud and use a variety of continuous testing and deployment tools.


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